Time lapse of the stars
summer 2019

Time lapse of the stars – watch the video

In a small backyard in Vermont, I perched my camera on a tripod and pointed it towards the sky for hours every night for about a week. Using Adobe Premiere, I created this minute-long video from the resulting time lapses.

Coolhunter app trailer
spring 2019

Coolhunter app – watch a trailer

For my final creative project in American Literature, I read William Gibson's Pattern Recognition, about "coolhunter" Cayce Pollard. Picking up on many of the dark technology-related themes of the novel, I created Coolhunter. A dark, modern take on the classic choose-your-own-adventure game, Coolhunter immerses the user in Cayce's world (set a decade after the book) and reveals more about the dark potential of technology in our society.
Want to see more? You can watch a full playthrough or, on an Android device, download the APK.

History Migration Paper
spring 2019

History Migration Paper on Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Disaster – read the paper

Following a year-long study of migration in 11th grade World History, I chose the post-disaster migration in and around Fukushima in Japan as the topic of my research paper.

The paper covers the immediate effects of the disaster, the long-term effects on the survivors and their hometowns, and two surprisingly-interconnected topics: the Japanese government's inadequate crisis communication and the stigmatization of displaced people.

Daltonian article
winter 2019

School newspaper article on the environmental impact of shipping – read the article

One of many articles I've written for my school's newspaper, The Daltonian, this opinion piece looks in to the environmental toll of shipping and suggests consumers reduce personal negative impact in two of a few ways: shipping via ground transport rather than air and either picking up items in local stores or getting items shipped from local origins.

Astroturf website
fall 2018

Astroturf poem analysis – visit the website

For the creative option on a poem analysis project in 11th grade American Literature class, I decided to make my own website (with help from a template, not a website builder) to demonstrate my thoughts more visually and interactively. The poem I analyzed is Tina Chang's "Astroturf".

torn down LG G5 in repair
summer 2018

Phone repair

Over two summers, I purchased about 20 used, broken phones (mostly with cracked screens or damaged backs), repaired them following tutorials on YouTube and using parts purchased on eBay, and sold them to people all over the country via Swappa and eBay. I only narrowly avoided losing money on the endeavour, but the whole project was surprisingly fun and helped keep many old phones out of a landfill, and I learned a lot about hardware along the way!

Pictured above: LG G5 midway through screen replacement.

Dalton Lunch Menu Google Assistant skill in action
summer 2017

Dalton Lunch Menu Assistant skill – see it in action

Using Google-owned AI platform Dialogflow, I created a chatbot that could tell me about my school's lunch menu for each day up to a week out. Then, I connected it to the Google Assistant as an Assistant skill, so I could find the lunch menu by voice from any Assistant-supported device!

Dalton Lunch Menu Wear OS app
spring 2017

Dalton Lunch Menu Wear OS app – see it in action

Using my school's lunch menu API, I was able to make a lunch menu app for my Wear OS smartwatch. It displays the lunch menu for that day and the next day, including allergens, right on my wrist!

Venstar Remote - Wear OS app
spring 2017

Venstar Remote Wear OS app – see it in action

Our apartment came with these internet-connected Venstar thermostats, but Venstar doesn't make an app or Assistant skill compatible with my Wear OS smartwatch. With some help from my brother, I took matters into my own hands, proxying the network requests from their Android app to find how that app communicates with the thermostats, then building a Wear OS counterpart using those. And voila—thermostat control from my wrist!

Now News website
summer 2016

Now News – visit the website

As part of a summer class on web design and development, I built my first website, Now News and Weather. It combines five news sources and one weather provider, Dark Sky, to make a lovely little weather and news page! I built this website, henrystern.nyc, on the same infrastructure and using many of the very same skills.